Great Spiritualists and Friends

Lees, Robert James (Hinckley Leicestershire Aug 12 1849 - Leicester Jan 11 1931): Medium Healer Writer Journalist
Institution / Country:England

"Robert James Lees was a journalist, philanthropist, novelist and medium. In the latter role he anticipated that later researchers would treat his exploits with a degree of scepticism. It was inevitable that those with a knowledge of the fraudulent aspects of Victorian Spiritualism would choose to discount many of Lees’ claims, together with those of his family and friends, regarding them as mere stories or legend invented to support the spiritualists’ dogma. Moreover, Lees’ decision to place himself outside the main tradition of Victorian spiritualism and to align himself with the Christian free churches created for him, many enemies who were always available to denounce him.

"Robert James Lees was born at the very beginning of the rebirth of Spiritualism in England. Although his writings and preaching were influential, he refused to align himself with any of the organised groups who promoted spiritualism (or investigations into spiritualism) in Victorian England. His was a very personal spiritualism interwoven with his unique interpretation of scripture."