Great Spiritualists and Friends

Rulof, Jozef (Heerenberg Netherlands, February 20, 1898 - The Hague, November 3, 1952): Trance Medium, Healer, Spirit Writer and Painter
Institution / Country:The Society Spiritual-Science Foundation “The Age of Christ”, the Netherlands <frits@mogenblue.nl>

In more than 11,000 pages of universal knowledge from the 27 books which were brought to earth through Jozef Rulof, you will be able to find a univeral answer to deep questions of life.

Jozef Rulof was born in 1898 in 's Heerenberg, a rural part of the Netherlands. His mother Crisje called him ‘Jeus’. Jeus is extraordinarily sensitive, he feels and sees things which other people cannot see. As a little boy he can already see a radiant form from the life after death. This spirit later makes himself known by the name of Alcar. As a spiritual guide he supports Jeus in every way and explains all the aspects of life to him. Jeus gets to know him as a close friend whom he can always count on.

When Jeus moves to The Hague as an adult, he has to arm his personality against the very demanding life in the city. His painting mediumship awakens. Alcar brings spiritual painters to Jozef Rulof and asks them to bring their astral art to earth by using the physical body of Jozef. In order to achieve this Alcar puts Jozef into a deep grade of sleep, a trance state. Just as we lose the conscious control over our earthly body when we are falling asleep, Jozef also lets go of the control over his earthly body during the deep trance. At that moment Alcar takes over and he influences the nervous system and the muscular system of the material body of the medium in order to listen to his strong spiritual will. In this way Alcar can see through earthly eyes again and move material arms and hands in order to write down what he feels and thinks as a spiritual personality.

His healing mediumship also emerges in that period and Jozef sets himself up as a magnetizer. During his magnetizing, Alcar shows Jozef how the material organs absorb the magnetic power. Jozef learns whom he can help and whom he cannot help. Alcar shows him how the love of the magnetizer determines whom he can help. Alcar explains that magnetism is power of feeling, and that the degree of love of the magnetizer determines and limits the height of this power of feeling.

And when Jozef has developed enough as a medium, Master Alcar can begin with his most important task: Writing the spiritual-scientific books. In this way, Alcar, as an astral-spiritual being, is capable of 'living' again on earth and writing books which are not influenced by the earthly thinking of Jozef Rulof.

The university of Christ, which was founded by Jozef Rulof, allows us to see the profound connection of all life, and the wonderful evolution of mankind and the universe from a tiny origin to a cosmic destination.