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Flint, Peggy: Trance Medium & Founder (Herts, 17th December 1886 - Harrogate, 12th March 1979)
Institution / Country:Harrogate Spiritual Healing Church -- England

Miss Peggy Flint
Deep Trance Medium and Founder of
The Harrogate Spiritual Healing Church

Born on 17th December 1886. Passed over to Higher Life 12th March 1979, aged 92 years. Alice Rosana Flint was the second of four sisters, born in Herts and lived in London for many years. All members of her family were deceaced before her.

Developed as a deep trance medium in the late 1920s early 1930s. Attended a developing circle under an experienced deep trance medium for a period of three years not being permitted to miss one week's development. Her platform work started immediately after the completion of her development, when she was suddenly requested by her local Spiritualist church to fill in for a cancellation by the visiting medium. This she did nervously and the service turned out a big success. Her platform and healing work in Spiritualist churches then never looked back. Miss Flint had made a decision, to dedicate her life's work to the teaching of Spirit's philosophy of life and the proof of lifes continuity after the death of the physical body, but more importantly to the practice and teaching of spiritual healing. This was in thanks to the Great White Spirit and to Spirit life, after she, herself, had received a wonderful cure from Spirit healing, after a very severe operation for internal problems. Miss Flint never went back on that promise she made to Spirit, for the whole of her life. She worked with her Spirit "doorkeeper" guide whowas known as "The Chief" she worked in an honorary capacity. She would never accept money or financial rewards for her successful services.

In 1934 she became very close to the Williams family in the Stretham area of London. Miss Flint worked together with Charles Williams to develop a Spiritualist Church in that area. There was a written record of a full trance circle which was held on the 12th of August 1934 at the William's residence in which the whole of the Chief's circle of spirit guides and helpers entranced through her. The Chief had a custom of never using an earth name when referring to the other spirit guides or the people who worked closely with him and Miss Flint in the Church's work. He would use a descriptive title suitable as to how the spirit guides or person was associated to the work or Church or type of personality they were. For example, Miss Flint herself, was always known as 'The Cloak' or 'My Cloke'. Mr Charles Williams was always called 'The Chief Helper'. The 'Spirit Doctor' in the healing group of guides was a doctor in earth life. The Arab healing spirit was known as 'Graceful'. The African Zulu member of the spirit circle was called 'Light', etc. 'The Cardinal' had been an ortodox church priest in earth life. The writer of ths artical Ralph Williams, who was godson of Miss Flint, was always called 'The Young Life'.

When the Second world War started miss Flint described how the work of the 'Rescue' circle became more necessary due to the sudden passing of souls into the higher spiritual life. Her 'Rescue' circle helped a lot of souls pass over to the spiritual realms more peacefully and quickly. She also decribed how suddenly, at any time of the day and the night she would be taken over by a feeling of pain or injury, and on enquiring with her guides on what was happening, she was told the spirit guides were carrying out healing on people who had been injured in air raides.

The start of the Second World War in September 1939 changed the course of the William's and Flint's life. Early in 1040, both Mr and Mrs Williams government offices, in which they were employed, were transferred to a safer part of the country, namely Harrogate. A home was established at no 9, Birthwith Road, off the Knaresborough Road. Miss Flint also settled there. a home healing circle soon developed, and from that a great interest developed around the Spiritual work of Miss Flint. As no suitable venue was available as a permanent home for a church, Miss Flint carried on her healing work going to people's homes and doing the healing there. Her mode of transport was by walking or going by bus, or the people would send a taxi. At the healing circle on 25/3/43 it was agreed to establish a Healing church in Harrogate. On 27/7 43 a committee was established to organise this proposal. On 25/10/43 this committee established that Chatten House was available. On 1/12/44 the purchace of Chatten House was completed, to be used as a Healing Church. Occupation could only be made when theWar Office de- requititioned the building, which was to be after the end of the Second World War.

The first Spiritualist Church services organised by Mr C. Williams and Miss Fint, in Harrogate were held in the concert hall, known as the Lounge Hall in the Royal Baths, at the bottom of Parliament Street. These services were conducted by mediums from all over the country who were invited to do so by Miss Flint. They proved to be successful. These services were developed by the Church group formed in 1943.

When there was confidence the war would be won and finished the Church group purchased Chatten House in Princes Square, Harrogate to be used as a Spiritual Healing Church. The building had previously been commissined by the Army for war service, and before it handing over, the building was renovated by the government.

After the end of the war in 1945, the Williams family decided they wished to settle in Harrogate and not transfer back to London. Miss Flint also decided that she would like to remain living in Harrogate. The home 9, Birthwith Road was sold and a new family home was purchased at 77, East Parade, Harrogate which was situated much closer to the Church in Princes Square. Miss Flint continued to share her home with the Williams family.

The Church grew from there. Regular healing circles were held on Monday afternoon, for ladiesonly, in which the Chief was very popular because of the humorous talks which he conducted with the ladied, and of course the helpful healing.

The regular regular open healing circle was held on Thursday evening, and again was very popular because of the benefits every patient received. Miss Flint became known as a very successful healer all over the industrial part of Yorkshire, and was oftn asked to visit a patent in their home because they could not travel. This Miss Flint would do without any complaint. She did not ask or receive any payment for this work. The Church benefited by her good will.

The Church benefited from Miss Flint's multi - faceted spiritual gifts. Whenever a last-minute cancellation was received from a medium unable to visit Harrogate, and no other medium was available, then Miss Flint would always be available to do the Service. It was known that sometimes, in the latter partof her life, she might be in bed with a dose of flu and there was no-one to do the service, the Guides would lift the flu symptons away from her, she would get up and be driven to the Church, give the service in the normal way, return home and the flu would take over again. It was one of Miss Flint's wishes that if she was asked to give clairvoyance on a Sunday evening, that she would give to the member of the congregation a symbolic flower, bunch of flowers, or certian scene in Nature in which the guides gave a symbolic spiritual meaning emanating from the loved ones in Spirit of the recipient.

Miss Peggy Flint retired from public service at the age of 80 years for medical reasons.Church members continued to visit her at her home in 95, Hill Top Avenue, Harrogate and Church comittee members would always seek her advice. The home in Hill Top Avenue was owend by her nephew, and eventually retired from his deputy headmastership of a private college in North Wales, and came to live there. Mrs Dorothy Williams continued to to live there as well, and cared for Miss Flint until Miss Flint's passing to higher planes on 12th March 1979.

It was often asked of the Chief would he take over another medium when she died. His reply was that he would have, by them completed his span of working on the earth plane, and that he would be entitled to progress to higher spiritual planes. He always promised that he would keep communications open with the Guides in the Circle and follow the progress of everyone he had worked with on the earth plane.

During Miss Flint's retirement, she was often invited out by friends to go for a drive around Yorkshire, which she enjoyed very much, to local places such as Bolton Abbey, Ilkley, Fountains Abbey (where she saw spirit monks walking around) and further through the Dales, over the Moors and any seaside place on the Yorkshire coast, she loved driving past the gardens with plenty of colourful flowers.

R. M. Williams
Source: Article Miss Peggy Flint, website of the Harrogate Spiritual Healing Church