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Geley, Gustave, M.D. (1868 - July 15, 1924): Physician and Psychical Researcher
Institution / Country:France

A professor of medicine at the University of Lyons and a Laureate of the French Medical Faculty, Dr. Gustave Geley gave up his medical practice and teaching position in 1918 to become director of the Institut Metapsychique International in Paris. In that capacity, he investigated a number of mediums, including Eva C., Kluski and Guzik. After finding favorably for Eva C. and reporting on ectoplasm and partial materializations with her, he came under attack by his materialistic colleagues who felt he must have been duped.

“I do not merely say, ‘There was no trickery’; I say ‘There was no possibility of trickery,’” Geley asserted. “Further, and I cannot repeat it too often, nearly always the materializations took place under my own eyes, and I have observed their genesis and their whole development.”

Some modern references offer hearsay that Geley observed fraud with Eva C. but did not report on it. However, those claims arose some 30 years after his death and were never substantiated.

His observations with Eva. C were further supported by Dr. Charles Richet, a Nobel Prize winner in medicine, and Dr. Albert Von Schrenck Notzing, a German forensic psychiatrist, who had 180 sittings with Eva C. over a four-year period.

But Geley’s was most impressed by the Kluski, a Polish medium. Paraffin casts of materialized hands were made in his presence with Dr. Richet also observing. They are considered among the best objective evidence of supernormal powers ever produced. It was while on his way back to Paris from Warsaw in 1924, after studying Kluski, that Geley was killed in a plane crash.

“[The facts revealed necessitate] the complete overthrow of materialistic physiology, [and that] the materialistic conception of the universe is false and cannot be reconciled with our present biological knowledge,” Geley offered.

Text and photo of Dr. Gustave Geley courtesy of Michael Tymn, author of The Articulate Dead where Michael examines several of the best mediums of yesteryear and the scientific research surrounding them.