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Germany - Berlin, September 2016 - June 2017 - "The 7 Chakra-Personality Type"
By:Shai Tubali <noga@chiro-yoga.de>

The seven Chakra-Types course with the spiritual master, Shai Tubali.

September 2016-June 2017

We all want knowledge of ourselves, the kind of a practical knowledge that will help us understand how to bring our positive abilities and characteristics to their highest potential, and at the same time help us balance and strengthen our weaker sides.

Trying to understand and direct ourselves better in life we ask questions like: ‘what is the best Job for me?’ ‘Who would be a matching partner for me in a close relationship?’ ‘What life choices would be best, to fulfill my destiny and bring profound sense of meaning into my life?’

According to the Chakra knowledge, as developed by spiritual teacher Shai Tubali, each of us has three major Chakras that combine to form our unique personal structure. In a way, this combination is equivalent to the blue-print of our soul or energetic structure. When we learn this deep and inspiring knowledge, we can ‘read’ ourselves and others like an open book. It can enable us to understand better what our unique personal structure is, and how to make the most out of it in life.

Through colorful case studies, analyzing Chakra types of known persons and profound insights and practices you will be able to:
1. Learn how to optimize your life through embracing the right habits, lifestyle and relationships for your structure. Save yourself a lot of heartache and disappointment through directing yourself in a more accurate way, that fits your structure best
2. Experience inner-peace and self-acceptance through understanding and merging with your true authentic structure
3. Take your abilities and talents to the next level, through sharper insights into your positive qualities and personal advantages as well as empowering techniques and practices
4. Experience higher levels of fulfillment through individually adjusted knowledge about the best career choices, based on getting to know yourself better through understanding your unique chakra structure.
5. Increase your inner sense of worth and power based on the deeper understanding of your unique qualities and strengths.
6. Enjoy a higher sense of intimacy in relationships (as a partner, parent, family–member, colleague and boss); simply because you would be able to understand better those around you through understanding their special Chakra type
7. Enjoy a higher spiritual state that will stem out of your balanced chakra-system all supported by inspiring exercises and meditations developed by Shai Tubali
8. Enjoy the fruits of better decisions in your life, based on a more intimate understanding of yourself.

If you work in the therapeutic field (such as Medicine, Psychology, Coaching, Healing, Alternative Medicine) you would be able to gain crystal-clear insights into your clients problems, an improved ability to diagnose correctly various energetic imbalances, and enjoy much success and satisfaction with the application of the knowledge you will acquire in the course.

Course structure and technical details:

The course will take place twice per month between September 2016 and June 2017.
When: Fridays 18:00-21:00 CET
Where: Chiro-Yoga center, Berlin & as on-line course.

Pay by month: 70 euros for 2 meetings
Full course: 630 euros
Early discount price: 550 euros
It is possible to participate part time in the course

Join the seven chakra type course to bring clarity and full manifestation into your life
Registration open now!

For info and registrations:
+49 157 316 81 740
Chiro-Yoga, Drakestr 42,12205, Lichterfelde West, Berlin.