Special Events in the UK

London: Mediumship Workshop
By:Anne-Marie Bond <spiritualstars@gmail.com>

*The Mental Medium*

Presented by Anne-Marie Bond C.S.N.U


*New & Existing Trainee Mediums:
Spiritualstars self-awareness & Mediumship group will help you identify your mediumship skills and strengthen your self-confidence by reducing your fear of public speaking and fear of your mediumship. Anne-Marie invites you to join this on-going monthly workshop to improve your spiritual communication. Amazing fun with unique exercises to Improve your Link, Confidence, Flow, Delivery, Evidence and Accuracy.

Samples of what is covered:
* The Mental Medium
* Discover the Real History of Mediumship
* Presentation of the Demonstrator
* The Evidence of a Spirit Portrait Artist (and more)

Suits all trainee mediums who maybe nervous about demonstrating from the Platform or giving their first private reading. Regular mediumship workshops / spiritual circles / psychic development / psychic art and spirit portrait workshops

Pre-Booking Essential
Can You Make It?

* Email Anne-Marie your skill level/experience (if any) and she will RESERVE your seat today. Balance payable on arrival:* For prices & workshop dates please email: spiritualstars@gmail.com

If you're unable to make this months event, email your interest and
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