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Dozens of ebooks available for download
Author:Survival ebooks
Date: 19 July 2012

Dozens of ebooks available for download, including the following:

There Is No Death - Florence Marryat
Raymond or Life and Death - Sir Oliver Lodge
Thirty Years Among the Dead - Carl A. Wickland M.D.
The Voices - Vice Admiral W. Usborne Moore
Glimpses of the Next State - Vice Admiral W. Usborne Moore
The Vital Message - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
People From the Other World - Henry S. Olcott
Camp Silver Belle Booklet - Lena Barnes Jefts
Thirty Years of Psychical Research - Dr. Charles Richet
The Dead Have Never Died - Edward C. Randall
Frontiers of the Afterlife - Edward C. Randall
Transcendental Physics - Prof. Johann Zollner
The Psychic Riddle - Dr. Isaac Funk
Proof - V G Duncan
The Proof Palpable of Immortality - Epes Sargent
Rending the Vail - William Aber
The Wisdom of the Gods - H. Dennis Bradley
Visits By Our Friends From the Other Side - Tom Harrison
The Dawn of Another Life - Star Circle of the Spirit World/W. Aber
Full length direct voice recordings - Woods/Greene/Leslie Flint
Materialisations - Harry Boddington
Beyond the Vail - William Aber, Jabez Hunt Nixon
Broadcasting From Beyond - A. E. Perriman
Materialized Apparitions - E. A. Brackett
The Guiding Star - William Aber, Jabez Hunt Nixon
The Voice of Valentino - Lynn Russell
Dawn of the Awakened Mind - John S. King, M.D.
The Voice Triumphant - Mrs. Cecil Cook
The Blue Room - Clive Chapman
Solid Proofs of Survival - Einer Nielsen
Ghosts in Solid Form - Gambier Bolton
My Mission - Red Cloud
Visitors From the Other Side One hour video - Tom Harrison
The Great Reality - John Henry Remmers
Shadow Land - Elisabeth d'Esperance
Byron Station to Station - Coleen Owen Britt
Modern Psychic Mysteries at Millesimo Castle - Gwendolyn Kelley Hack
Spirit Voices - Montague Crane
Eleven Days at Moravia - Thomas Robinson Hazard