Also:The return to the earth

From Albertson Memorial Church of Spiritualism:

The Law of Reincarnation: Every soul is given the opportunity to return to the earth (or elsewhere) as often as he or she feels necessary, and enter a new classroom of experience. Some return to earth to triumph over obstacles and errors of past lives. Others return to earth to attest to themselves and others that they have truly embraced Spiritís love and forgiveness. Yet others return to earth, not for the sake of self development, but to be as spiritual beacon lights for others to witness and, then, emulate in their soulís journey. Reincarnation and the Great Law of Karma (Cause and Effect; or Personal Responsibility) work hand-in-hand in the soulís journey.


This is a video of Rev Valerie Pearson giving a talk on reincarnation.
This video can also be seen on the site of Monash Spiritual Centre (Berwick, Victoria, Australia).