Aura Imaging Photography
Also:Kirlian photography

From Angela Tarry, the aura expert:

Normally, we are unaware of the subtle energies of our aura as they are not visible with the naked eye, except to some gifted clairvoyants and healers. Now. with the most recent scientific developments based on research into Kirlian photography, electro-simulation and bio feed-back, we can capture the aura on film. This process is known as Aura Imaging Photography.

Aura Imaging Photography uses sensors to measure our electromagnetic field (the aura) which is then projected onto a polaroid film showing a radiance of colour around the body.

The aura colours and their shape in the photograph indicate levels of energy associated with the physical, emotional and spiritual states of the subject being photographed. By analysing and understanding the colours of our aura we become aware of energy around and within us, enabling us to reach a happier and more balanced outlook on life.