Spirit Attachment
Also:Lost souls in the energy field of a person

From Spirit Release:
Spirit Attachment is very common and unfortunately nearly always goes unnoticed. Many of the spirits that have attached to people don’t do much harm, but some can be very upsetting indeed. Some of the effects of having spirits (lost souls) in one’s energy field are tiredness for no apparent reason, pains and discomforts that seem to have no cause, serious illnesses which have appeared out of the blue, hearing voices that tell you to do nasty things, headaches, crying for no reason, not feeling oneself, swings in mood and behavior. However it must be realized that all these symptoms can have other causes and may not be in any way connected to an attached spirit.

Common symptoms of spirit attachment:

•Waking up in the early hours after going to sleep and finding it hard to get back to sleep?

•Phantom illness the doctor says there is nothing wrong?

•Worrying nightmares that can cause sleeplessness/night terrors

•Bereavement panic attacks and shock which can leave one feeling vulnerable

•Horrible nasty thoughts in your mind, possibly hearing voices

•Bad thoughts towards people or animals?

•The feeling of despair and wanting to end your life

•You could have the feeling that something is crawling in your hair?

•The feeling of something crawling under your skin?

•The thought of having a phantom lover?

•Unexplainably being pushed out of bed at night

•Sensing or seeing presences?

•Poltergeist activity, hauntings, demonic possession