Distant Healing / Remote Healing / Absent Healing
Also:Remote channelling of energy

From the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary:

Spiritual Healing can be given in person through contact healing or alternatively, when the individual is not present, known as distant healing. Distant healing begins as soon as the request for healing help is made; whether by letter, email, telephone, fax or via our web site. You may request healing for yourself, another person, an animal or towards a specific situation.

The Sanctuary invites requests for distant healing at this link.


From the Oldham Spiritualist Church:

Absent Healing is the channelling of spiritual energies with the patient not being in the immediate vicinity of the spiritualist healer. This may entail praying that Mrs A will get better from whatever illness is troubling her. However absent healing can be accomplished in several ways. As stated above simple prayer is absent healing but there are differing ‘levels’ of absent healing. One can meditate and attune with spirit and then mentally ask for healing energies to be sent to Mrs A; indeed certain individuals have been known to enter a state of altered consciousness and then astral travel to the side of the patient and then help to direct healing energies through to the patient, whilst others may use creative visualisation techniques to direct healing energies. Although there are several methods of absent healing they all use the same basic technique the spiritualist healer is not physically present with the patient and must utilise differing methods of directing healing energies from spirit to the patient.