Physical Mediumship
Also:A phonomenon that everybody can witness

Steven and Stella Upton's web site:
"For any kind of phenomena to be categorised as physical it must impinge upon one or more of the five physical senses, ie. you must be able to see it, hear it or feel it etc. and everyone present will witness the same event. Over the 150 plus years since Hydesville there has been a vast array of phenomena produced by the Spirit world, there now follows a list of some of them." The site then provides a description of each of these manifestations of physical mediumship: Apports, Direct Voice, Ectoplasm, Independent Voice, Levitation, Materialization, Percussion, Slate Writing and Transfiguration.


The Silver Cord, Direct Spirit Contact:
Physical Mediumship – Rarest Form of Mediumship Known. This type of mediumship has the greatest ability to cut out the medium. During a materilisation séance those in the world of spirit can appear in physical form using the medium’s life force (ectoplasm) to replicate themselves, so they become fully present in the room. Physical Mediumship cuts out ‘channelling’ because the spirit speaks for him or herself in their own voice, when you hear or feel them you will be left with little doubt. When you hear the voice of a loved one that has passed into spirit, you will know who it is, even though others in the room may not especially when they speak directly to you about personal or family matters or they invite you to hug them. When it comes to historical figures or famous and gifted musicians and singers like ‘Louis Armstrong’ many may have had enough exposure to his music to recognize his singing voice should he also choose to communicate. Which in fact he has on many occasions.