Also:Also called development circle

Mystical Empowerment.com:
Have you ever wanted to find out whether you have psychic and spiritual abilities, or how to develop them? If you have, then a development circle is a good place to start. You do not need experience, there will people you can talk to and find out that you are not alone.


New Age Directory.com:
A development circle is a weekly meeting of people who gather for the sole purpose of developing their psychic talent. The [purpose of the] development circle is to provide a place where everyone's psychic energy can be focused on the single purpose of developing a higher perceptive reading ability. After 3-4 weeks, an energy develops around the circle that helps all the participants with their progress.

Note from the Editor: The site then provides guidelines on how to start your own development circle: "If you can't find a permanent 'development circle' to attend, you can always start your own..."


Psychic and Medium Vas Andreas, at Psychic Eye, holds a weekly ONLINE development circle (isn't technology wonderful?).