Psychic Empathy
Also:Ability to be in tune with other people's emotional states

In the realm of psychics and similar phenomena, there exist different factions of psychic behavior. Some psychics feel attuned to the past while others can see what the future holds for people. Psychic empathy stands as a different type altogether.

Psychic empathy refers to the ability to be in tune with other people's emotional states to the point that the person experiencing psychic empathy, known as an empath, may feel these emotions directly. Occasionally, these feelings can be connected to places as well as people, with the empath becoming connected to the emotions of a particular building.

Difference Between Empathy and Psychic Empathy
Psychic empathy is different from regular empathy in that for empaths, empathy may come from simply being near people and connecting to their emotions. Psychic empathy involves knowing and experiencing a person's emotional state without being told about these feelings beforehand.

Many people with psychic abilities experience psychic empathy as well, though some more highly than others. Psychic empathy can be heightened with training.

Paranormal Connection
Empaths often work closely with paranormal investigators who may need to understand the emotions connected to particular phenomena experienced within a location.

Constant exposure to the more negative feelings that other people experience can negatively affect the empath. "Weltschmerz" is the name given to the experience of becoming depressed because of overly empathetic feelings.

Author: Ticara Gailliard