Spiritual Kinesiology (SK)
Also:Muscle testing

"Kinesiology testing refers to the use of muscle testing to access information from the unconscious mind and the bodyís innate intelligence. Many people consider it to be the most advanced diagnostic healing tool available today. It works by testing how the strength of a muscle is affected by focusing on a stimulus or a part of the body and has a multitude of applications. You can use it to test how the body is affected by different substances, environmental factors, and verbal statements.

"You can measure many things with kinesiology, including the muscle response to:

    Physical conditions
    Foods and supplements
    Emotional imbalances like fear, anger, and resentment
    Limiting beliefs and attitudes
    Problems with people, jobs, home, money
    Imbalances in the bodyís energy system
    Blockages to your personal and spiritual growth

"With SK, muscle testing can locate imbalances that are completely unconscious and answer questions about your soulís development. It also provides a way to validate your soulís experiences and can serve as the first step in developing your intuition."