Energy Healing and Orthodox Medicine
Also:Spiritual Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is distinguished from other therapies and practices by being non-invasive; no medicines or drugs are given; no inroad into the body or mind is made, It seeks the wholeness of the patient by bringing mind and body into harmony and releasing the inbuilt curative powers of the body so they become active. It recognises the source of healing to be divine or universal energy, working in, and through, those who channel it.

The following applies to the UK:

Can my Doctor recommend this type of Healing?
Energy healing is accepted by the British Medical Association (B.M.A.) and The Patientís Charter, therefore you can ask your Doctor to refer you to an energy therapist. You have a right to request healing. We do not guarantee a cure and our code of conduct forbids us to claim that a cure can be effected.

Energy Healing is complementary to orthodox medicine. We always aim to work in co-operation with the medical profession remembering that, if a patient is referred by a Doctor, the Doctor retains overall responsibility for that patient. Similarly, the Veterinary Surgeon retains overall responsibility for animals.