Dodecadiamond Sphere
Also:Meditation and healing sphere of fluorite and quartz

When you sit in the Dedecadiamond Sphere you should immediately feel some intensified energy from every single angle The magnets surrounding the fluorite or the quartz magnify this energy which will then activate the pineal gland into awakening. When the pineal awakens the mind, body and soul begin to balance and accept these new energies more naturally. When the pineal gland is fully activated it can lift many veils and the unseen can possibly be seen and the unknown can possibly be known. Therefore, it can be used for channeling information during meditation.

The fluorite or quartz attract and balance new essential energies that are linked to our transition into the fifth dimension.

You can sit in it for as long as you feel comfortable. The energies can be quite powerful to begin with and it is suggested that you gradually increase the time span from ten minutes to an hour. If you are comfortable with longer periods then that is fine. There is a meditation CD that can be used in conjunction with the Dodecadiamond Sphere.

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