Also:Dowsing (Radiesthesia)

Learn how to access your subconscious and the collective consciousness of the universe with a pendulum. Pendulums may be used by anyone, regardless of whether you believe you will get any results. Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci both used pendulum dowsing with great success during their lifetimes.

Pendulum work, also called "dowsing," has been around for millenia. Chiefly used to locate water, oil, gold and other underground deposits, pendulum dowsing has also been used to assist doctors with their diagnoses. In Europe, the pendulum is considered a science called "Radiesthesia."

Tools for dowsing include forked sticks, copper rods and pendulums. A pendulum is any weighted object suspended from a string, chain, thread or other cord-like device. Objects chosen for suspension can be anything from a pointed crystal, to a house key, to a pendant.

Pendulums pick up energy waves and vibrations from things, people, places and even thoughts. Albert Einstein and other scientists have believed that electromagnetic energy causes the pendulum to respond, but, whatever the case, pendulums are like powerful antennas that pick up unseen radio or television waves. Another word for pendulum and other dowsing is "divination," which stems from the belief that the information provided by the pendulum comes from a higher power. Others believe that a pendulum is a way to connect the logical mind with the intuitive mind.

Using the Pendulum
The key to using a pendulum is to have a steady hand. Suspending the pendulum over a flat surface is the first step. Next, you must ask the pendulum to show you what "yes" looks like. The pendulum will begin to move on its own in either a vertical or horizontal direction. When you are satisfied that the answer is clear, ask the pendulum to show you what "no" looks like. Again, after receiving a clear answer, say "thank you." The next thing you should always do when you seek to pendulum dowse is to ask the pendulum three questions: "Can I?" "May I?" and "Should I?" A "no" answer to any of these questions should not be ignored. Always thank the pendulum after receiving the answers to these questions. If you have received three "yes" responses, you are free to ask the pendulum any question, as long as the potential answer is either "yes" or "no."

What to Ask
You can use your pendulum to find water and other underground deposits, the best places to fish while on a fishing trip, lost items, missing people or pets, as well as answers to other questions, such as what you may be allergic to, whether someone is being honest with you, which house you should buy or career you should choose, and whether the new man in your life is the right one for you. You can also try holding your pendulum between pictures of your available choices to help you decide.

Portable System
The pendulum is one of very few divination systems you can use wherever you are. It is completely portable, and your questions are answered clearly and visibly.

Pendulum Shapes
Though, as mentioned, any type of weighted item may be used as a pendulum, it is best (for beginners especially) to use an item with a definite tip on the end, such as a pointed crystal or key, so you won't misread a response. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a special crystal from a metaphysical store. You should already have several objects readily available at home that will work well as a pendulum.

Author: Chris Carson