Remote Viewing
Also:View objects, people and events across space and time

Remote viewing is an extrasensory technique whereby the viewer uses transcendence techniques to view objects, people and events across space and time. You can find instruction online and for free for learning these transcendence techniques

You can find training in the form of software, as written lessons or as audio lessons. Some programs include free trials and lengthy descriptions of for-pay online training that may be enough to get you started.

Remote viewing takes place by training the brain to move into an alpha-wave state through various relaxation exercises. Once in the alpha-wave state, visualization techniques are then used to "see" the desired information. Online training teaches you how to enter the alpha-wave state and how to perform the visualization techniques.

Online training can take place from home and at the user's own pace. Some individuals may find it easier to relax and focus when in the privacy of their own home. In addition, online training allows people to benefit from expert instruction no matter where they live in the world.

Author: Lizzie Brooks