Past-Life Regression: How to Learn Past-Life Regression
Also:Dealing with past life experiences

Past-life regression is a controversial procedure where a patient is hypnotized in order to help remember memories from previous lives. The theory hinges on the reality of reincarnation and multiple life experiences, and while skeptics claim there is no merit to the practice, others have claimed to be helped by the experience. Regression is intended to help the person deal with past life experiences that are ultimately interfering with or affecting his life in the present. Learning how to perform past-life regression can take some time and practice.

Study hypnosis. Hypnosis is the basis for performing past-life regression. You can study it through books and videos or you can take specific classes in hypnosis and practice it at home with friends or family.

Visit a hypnotist. Experiment with different hypnotists until you find one who works well for you and whom you feel a sense of trust with. Ask him to perform a past-life regression on you. No medical internships exists in PLR therapy, so you are best served finding someone yourself who is good at it and learning from him.

Ask the hypnotist if he can either teach you the process of PLR or refer you to a teacher or school where he learned how to do it. There are a number of different schools and programs out there for hypnosis and PLR and he can help you locate one that can work for you if he is unable to teach you himself.

Author: Michael Davidson