Automatic Writing
Also:How to Do Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is easy to do, and anyone who desires to do it can try. It's been around a long time and many people believe it's a way to communicate with spirits. Skeptics believe automatic writing is only a form of interaction with our subconscious.

Decide if you want to do your automatic writing using a pen and paper or the computer. If you are a fast typist, you may want to use a computer because the automatic writing is much faster then. If you use a pen and paper, doodles and symbols also surface.

Approach your automatic writing in a clear, calm frame of mind. Like attracts like; if you are excited or upset, you then only attract a like-minded entity. Sit down where the automatic writing takes place. It helps to meditate quietly for a few minutes.

Request to speak to one of your spirit guides. Tell the spirit guide you would like him to communicate with you through your automatic writing.

Relax your hands. If you are typing, place them over the keyboard. If you are writing, rest your hand and pen gently against the paper.

Ask the spirit guide what her name is. Take your attention away from your hands. You may want to focus on something else, even think about something else while you're waiting for the message to come through your hands.

Realize that what could come through may just be gibberish. You and the spirit need time to adjust to each other's energy. Over time, the writing starts to make more sense.

Stop your session when you are tired or sense the spirit is tired. Thank the spirit for his time.