Psychic Surgery
Also:Surgery Done by Spirit Through Increased Vibration

Source: Andy Porter, Psychic Surgeon:

Psychic surgery is similar to congenial medical surgery that you would receive in hospital, except with psychic surgery you are operated on by a "spiritual team" working through a physical living person, whereas in hospital you are operated on by a physical surgeon you can see and talk to!

Psychic Surgery is not a new alternative therapy, it has been around since 1940's and was first pioneered in the Philippines.
Many psychic surgeons are currently working in the world today, the most famous of which is the healer known as "John of God" based in Abadiania, Brazil. Much has been written about his work and can be found from Google or he has books available from Amazon.

How does it work?

With psychic surgery the healer is in semi-trance, full-trance, or meditative state, and allows the spirit surgeon to channel energy through his hands.

The spirit surgeon detects those parts of the body in which disease is developing, increases the vibration of the area affected using the physical medium's hands and performs spiritual surgery in a different dimension removing disease in the same way an orthodox surgeon would with his scalpel.

The entire healing process occurs in a different dimension that we don't yet fully understand, and with our limited science is currently un quantifiable.

Perhaps in the future science will provide the answers we are looking for, but for now we cannot validate the healing procedure in a conventional way.