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Aura photography: Aura Photo Session or At-Home Aura Party (Minneapolis, MN)
Offered by:Moon Wisdom

We are two sisters, Beth Lindenfelser and Lisa Podritz, and while on our spiritual path we found a calling to gather an array of products and services to help with clearing, meditating, and healing. We hope you will enjoy the products as much as we do we are careful when selecting items and only choose the ones we feel carry the most positive energy and influence.

Products include: Smudging, Amulets, Rocks, Bracelets, Wands, Pendulums, Necklaces.

About Auraphotography:
Auraphotography and its many, various derivatives (Aura Video, WinAura) is based on the understanding of modern technology combined with the information that past cultures have known for millennia. This includes Kirlian photography, electronic acupuncture, biofeedback measurements, as well as old healing methods like acupuncture, acupressure, Ayurveda, and so forth. Using this wealth of knowledge, we can create technologies that can help us view the colored radiant Aura and allow us to open up new possibilities of perception for our inner worlds. The method our technologies use to read ones Aura is known as "Biofeedback", since a physical reading of one's bio-signs is the main method of a Aura analysis.

Have you ever wondered what color your aura is? Call us today to schedule an event or appointment.

Also: Gift certificates.