Development Circles

UK - West Sussex - Horsham
By:Jan Dayton and Tom Hartmeyer

I really love to help others to find their true potential and in order to help them to do this, I run two circles, with my partner, Tom (also a budding psychic artist) at our home in Horsham. One is a healing and meditation circle, the other a development circle. To encourage others to learn how to heal and meditate correctly and to understand how to use their own, unique gifts in an ethical, thoughtful and loving way is so rewarding.

To “get it right” and “give it right” is, to me, essential

If you are interested in joining a circle, or alternatively you would like advice on setting up your own circle, then please feel free to contact Tom or Jan.

Circles which are running at the moment are:
- Healing and Meditation
- Development of Mediumship
- Development of Channelling and Trance

Circles to be run in the future:
- Physical Phenomena

About Jan:
Jan is a Sussex Healer and has been practising for quite a while now. She holds development workshops and circles on Mediumship, psychic, spirit art/psychic art and healing from her home in West Sussex.

About Tom:
My main interest is physical and trance mediumship, which I think is the most optimal way of communication that we are able to receive at the present time. I have had the opportunity to sit in séances with several physical/trance mediums over the past 15 years, and have written a number of articles for the press, both in Sweden and England, and have a good experience of holding lectures about the mediums of the past and present, especially on physical and trance mediumship. I feel this experience has left me with a good knowledge of the disciplines and safe practice needed in a home or open circle and so I now run circles for channelling, trance and physical development from home; this year I am also running workshops (please take a look at the diary of events for further details if you are interested in joining us).