Development Circles

UK - Dorset - Blandford
By:Natalie Newitt <natalie@natalienewitt.com>

Do you believe there is more to life – something comes after we die?
Do you hear noises; see ‘things’ or energies?
Have you already been to circle but want to try another?
Do you want to meet with like-minded people who understand?
Do you believe in faeries, Angels & other mystical beings?
Do you want to find peace and discover the real you?
Do you want to understand all the different spiritual avenues?

Spiritual circle could be your perfect answer. It is simply a meeting of people who believe and know there is more to life and death; where we can talk openly and learn about different aspects of Spirituality without having to feel ‘weird or ashamed’.

Circle groups help you grow as a person on all levels – your mind expands to the opportunities, you begin to tune into your body & its energies plus your soul is lifted.

Spiritual Circles can help you aligning & grow into your spiritual energies. It’s a safe way to set the right focus of intention so that you remember who you are actually meant to be.
Sessions start with a short time to meet and greet other members before we join in a group relaxation then meditation with soft music, candles and incense.

We share a drink & then work on a spiritually themed activity such as pendulums, crystal balls, auras & colour awareness. We will be working through exercises and themes in our development manual that is included in your welcome pack.

For the best outcome come to your session 15 – 30 minutes early so you have enough time to talk with the other members.

Meditation starts at 7.30.
Each session lasts 2 hours
Weekly sessions on Wednesday or Thursday
Located in Blandford Forum
Work sheets & prompts to support the themes.
Closed Facebook group
Personal & group support

Manual available at £12.99