Development Circles

USA - New Jersey - Rutherford

Tuesday Mediumship Development Circle

This weekly meeting is for the ongoing development of mediums. For a seat in this circle, you need to be serious about your development and you should be in a position to sit with consistency. You cannot start from scratch in this circle and need to have some form of training and be very familiar with the rules of evidence in a medium sitting. So if you have taken the Unfoldment into Mediumship for studied mediumship with an SNU affiliated teacher or Spiritualist Church, you will have the basic requirements of sitting in this circle. Attendance is strictly monitored due to the high demand for a seat.
The level for this circle is "new beginner after a class in basics" and "intermediate".

You will continue to strengthen your rapport with the Spirit World and your guides as you practice your readings. This is your support group. We also introduce you to other modalities. Your work as a psychic will be sharpened and you will be trained to do various kinds of readings. The focus in this circle is to raise your mediumship to new levels. To push yourself for specifics and to move away from a general way of reading. The circle sits at the MontClair Psychic School. www.montclairpsychicschool.com

Distinguish yourself from the crowd and learn to attune more closely with Spirit. For a seat in this circle, please pre-register for a 6 week series. This circle is led by teaching medium Lee Van Zyl. If you are unsure whether you are at the right level, please call Lee at 973-866-0192. Depending on where you studied, you might be required to sit for a test reading. You will not be tested for accuracy, merely technique. $20. We sit from 7:30-9:30pm, every Tuesday night