Development Circles

UK - London
By:Anne-Marie Bond <spiritualstars@gmail.com>

*The Mental Medium*

Presented by Anne-Marie Bond C.S.N.U


*New & Existing Trainee Mediums:
Spiritualstars self-awareness & Mediumship group will help you identify your mediumship skills and strengthen your self-confidence by reducing your fear of public speaking and fear of your mediumship. Anne-Marie invites you to join this on-going, weekly spiritual circle to improve your spiritual abilities, communication and self-confidence. Amazing fun with unique exercises to Improve your Link, Confidence, Flow, Delivery, Evidence, Clairvoyance and Accuracy.

Samples of what is covered:
* The Mental Medium
* The Clairvoyant Medium
* Presentation of the Demonstrator
* A Spirit Portrait Artist
* The Boots of Mediumship
* How to use your Psychic Tools
* How good are you, really?

Suits all trainee mediums who maybe nervous about building a link with the spirit world, giving psychic accurate messages, connecting with their spirit guides, practicing platform demonstrations (mediumship) and how to give amazing private readings. Your development will help to increase self-healing whilst helping others you train with. Regular mediumship workshops, spiritual circles, psychic art and spirit portrait courses, email for dates, circle prices start from 4.50.

Grove Park (South East London)

*Private Group* - Pre-Booking Essential to JOIN
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* Email Anne-Marie with your level of skill/experience and she will RESERVE your seat today.

For this month's workshop circle groups dates & prices, please email: * spiritualstars@gmail.com