Development Circles

UK - Gloucestershire - Gloucester
By:Wayne Lee International Intuitive Healer <waynelee.medium@googlemail.com>

My circles focus on spiritual development with the acceptance of self, the trust of self and mindfullness.

We will sit together in a safe very well protected energy. I will explain everything that is happening in detail and make sure everyone is happy and secure as we progress. We will learn how to connect and communicate with spirit by learning how to find the right space in ourselves to connect. There will be guided meditation, practical knowledge, understanding, laughter, fun and connection with like minded people.

There will be NO comparing ourselves to each other, there will be no judgment, there will be no disharmony.

We will simply work together to all grow at our own pace in our own way with out boundaries.

If this feels at all right for you then please contact me. If it feels wrong then Thank you :-) for your interest.

Total beginners are also welcome. I like my groups mixed it helps to advance the beginners and teach the more advanced how to grow and teach.

Always working for the highest of good beyond our understanding with total integrity.

Ive been running development circles for years and am an international healer.

waynelee.medium@googlemail.com 07746515530