Development Circles

UK - Northamptonshire - Kettering
By:Kettering Spiritualist National Church

At Kettering Church we find an increasing number of people are becoming interested in working more directly on their spiritual development. As a Spiritualist church, we wish to encourage our Circle students to start their journey along a pathway of discovery in communicating with the spirit world, finding and developing their talents. We teach the difference in our Circles between spirit communication and psychic links. In our Circles, we sometimes use psychic exercises to help the student recognise the different types of link. A pure psychic will link in with a person's energies / aura and read at this level, sometimes able to read along the time-line of a person's life to access events (or possible eventualities) in the future. A spiritual medium will link to a communicator in spirit and then give information regarding the spirit communicator via clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling / sensing). A medium will often use a combination of all three senses to pick up information but it can be dependent upon the methods the communicator uses to get their message across as well as how strongly developed a medium is in a particular sense. It is the spirit communicator that provides the information about themselves, their lives and the life of the recipient of the message.

Our four Development Circles are 'closed', which means that in order to join one you have to become a member of the church as fully explained on our 'Membership' page, which mainly relies upon your regular attendance at the church over a period of time. Once a member and after a period of approximately 3 months (or at the discretion of the Committee), you have the opportunity to fill in a Circle Application Form. It may be that you will have to wait a period of time to enter a Development Circle as we often have a waiting list, but we try to place you as soon as possible. For those uncertain of whether or not they want to join a Development Circle or wanting more information before making a decision, we have a monthly "Awareness Circle" that does not require full church membership to attend.