Development Circles

UK - Hertfordshire - Hitchin
By:Hitchin Spiritualist Church

- Open Circle (second Friday evening of each month) - See Events: http://www.hitchinspiritualistchurch.co.uk/events.htm
- Closed Circle (by invitation)

Short history of the Church (excerpts): "This church was founded in 1938. The church has hosted some of the best mediums of our generation including Gordon Higginson, Harry Edwards, Robin Steven and Ivy Northage and continues to seek mediums of quality while giving encouragement to those found to have talent. Healing has been given by individuals from the church's early days but its first healing group was introduced by Harry Edwards in 1966 at the opening of our present building. It was managed and trained by Mrs. L. M. Andrews, then President of the church, and founder of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers."