Development Circles

UK - Essex - Chelmsford
By:Chelmsford Spiritualist Society

Beginners Circle:

The Beginners Circle is aimed at people who are very new to Spiritualism or who would like to start developing any Spiritual abilities that they may have.

Development Circle:

The Development Circle becomes more personal, as the maximum number in attendance is reduced. This enables each individual to gain a deeper level of understanding and practical experience.

Advanced Circle:

The purpose of the 'Advanced Circle' is to:

- Continue to broaden, deepen and expand upon the knowledge gained in the 'Intermediate Circle'.
- Provide and apply further structured progress for the individual development of the circle member towards public working.
- Reach and sustain as high a standard as possible for both knowledge and application in individual and group working.
- Clairvoyance
- Philisophical Inspiration
- Spiritual Healing
- Rostrum Work
- Chairmanship
- Projects and Theme work, both written and inspirational.
The advanced circle, expects that your dedication and commitment to spirit and your own spiritual progress throughout the circles is essential.