Development Circles

UK - Somerset - Bath
By:Bath First Spiritualist Church

Open Circle 7.30 - 9.00pm on the first Wednesday of each month
Give or receive a message(s) Learn a little about the Philosophy of Spiritualism and Mediumship

Awareness leading to Beginner's Circle - Monday at 7.30 pm upstairs
This circle is open to anyone who is interested in developing any psychic and spiritual abilities they may have.

Intermediate Development Circle - Monday at 7.30 pm downstairs
This circle is run for the development of the studentís mediumistic gifts and to produce new mediums to work in Spiritualist churches as Speakers and Demonstrators. The Platform Accreditation Scheme may be an option for circle members too. Strong commitment is required as well as regular weekly attendance and a basic knowledge of Spiritualist philosophy. This circle is the natural progression from the Awareness/Beginner's Circle mentioned above for those with suitable potential and is by invitation only.

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