Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

Illinois - Normal
By:Love of Spirit Spiritualist Church, NSAC <info@yourloveofspirit.com>

Even though some people haven't heard about Spiritualism, they know they are spiritual people. Spiritualism is about finding and acknowledging that spirit within. Finding the God within is there waiting for those enlightened individuals who know there is more to this physical experience. Those enlightened may sense the presence of someone they miss who have moved on to the spirit world. Enlightenment comes in many forms.

As a teaching church, Love of Spirit will help you find that God within. Through instruction (Lyceum) discover the many gifts you hold inside. Become your true self. Become one who finds purpose in your path of this physical life.

Healing, Message and Worship Service - Sundays at 6pm, CST.


210 W. Mulberry Street - Normal, IL 61761