Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

Ontario - Toronto
By:Springdale Church

In 1936, William Partridge, a Spiritualist, conceived the idea of setting up a Spiritualist co-operative on similar lines to that of the Lily Dale Community in Upstate New York. It was located on the shore of the North Muskoka River. William Partridge, and others, then opened a Spiritualist church in Toronto in 1939. It was located in rented space in a Baptist Church. In 1946, the church organization was moved to the present quarters on Merritt Road

Mission statement: To educate, support and aid all humanity through spirituality and faith.

Interesting notes about the Sunflower:

No one knows exactly when the Sunflower was first considered by Spiritualists to be their emblem and flower. Unfortunately the name of the person who had first suggested it has been lost in the mist of time. What we do know, is that it has been in use since 1898.

In 1928 at the Conference of the International Spiritualists Federation, the Sunflower was officially adopted by its members as the International Symbol of Spiritualism. This was a significant move. It not only eliminated any need to display or use symbols from religions other than our own but allowed the general public to recognize that Spiritualism was distinct from other teachings.

The flower, which originated in South America, derived its name from the fact that its large blossoms always turned and followed the sun.