Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

California - San Diego
By:Fraternal Spiritualist Church

An Early History of Fraternal Spiritualist Church:

Dr. Moore incorporated the Fraternal Spiritualist Church in May, 1932. It was not long before he had a large following, consisting of many outstanding citizens in all professions. Meetings and sťances were held in various halls, but the congregation wanted its own church so spirit was asked for help in finding a church.

At a sťance in May of 1938, in the El Cajon home of church members Mr. And Mrs. Harry Matthews, Dr. Moore's guide, known as Doctor Holliday, told the people assembled how the could get a grand church for a very reasonable price. Dr. Holliday instructed five men who were then present and whose names he gave, on what they should do. The men were to appear at the First National Bank in downtown San Diego at Fifth Avenue and Broadway the following Monday at 8:30 A.M. sharp and were to block the entrance to the bank until the doors opened at 9:30 A.M. They were not to let anyone by them except bank employees. When the bank opened the men were to go directly to the person in charge of the real estate department.

The men followed the directions exactly. Upon the bank's opening the man in charge of real estate brought the five men into his office. After introductions were made Mr. Brace, a church member, inquired if the Second Avenue and Beech property was for sale. The answer was yes. The bank officer said that the price was $7,500.00 and a down payment of $500.00 was required. This amount was not in the possession of the group. Each of the five offered all he had, however that totaled only 50% of the sum required. Fortunately, Mr. Bragg, a church member, wrote a check for the remainder. Mr. Bragg was to come to the rescue of the church many times.

After the necessary forms were prepared and signed and the money paid over, a hard knock was heard and two gentleman walked in and were very disturbed to find that the church they had wanted to purchase was sold. They said that they had come to offer a larger cash deal. So you see, all things are possible with the guidance of spirit.