Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

Florida - Tampa
By:Harmony Spiritual Life Center

Harmony is dedicated to the light workers, helping to keep the frequencies in balance with all that is. Our service is unique in a way that calls in all the guides, angels and Masters to bring messages to the congregation in the form of chanting different mantras, the blessing of the water, the use of sounds and tones to help balance the chakras and the bringing of peace and harmony into the be-ing.

We believe that Angels and Saints are invisible forces in our lives. Even greater is our faith in the energy or grace that animates our seemingly impersonal but intimately interconnected universe. Our congregation comprises different religions, races and creeds, all coming together for one common cause: enlightenment and the experiencing of the oneness we call God. Peace is our grace.

Services include:
- Sunday Evening Church Service
- Healing: Harmony offers Reiki, Adamantine, N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique-Tapping), Chi-Machine, Somatron, Akashic Records and much more.
- Thursday night message service
- Saturday Readings
- Classes including "A Course in Miracles" (the Course teaches the way to universal love and peace - or remembering God - by the undoing of guilt through forgiving others), Intuitive Development Classes, and Oneness Blessing (as with all of our classes at Harmony, Oneness Blessing teaches how to lead a more spiritual life, how to let go of the FEAR (false evidence appearing real) and live the life you were meant to live)