Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

Nevada - Reno
By:Church of Inner Light

The Church - part of the Reno Psychic Institute - sponsors the Following:
- Sunday meditation
- Energy Healing Clinic
- Ministers of the Church of Inner Light are available to perform ceremonies for you special sacred ceremonies including: Baptisms, Coming of Age Ceremonies, Weddings, Hand Fastings, Last Rites, Remembrance Ceremonies.

Reverend Ed Norman (photo below) would like to invite you to join him in the Sunday Meditation. Ed Norman is a graduate of the Reno Psychic Institute's Clairvoyant Program and Teachers Program and is an ordained minister of the Church of Inner Light. He conducts the popular Sunday Meditation at Noon every week at the Church of Inner Light. In his other life, Ed is a truck driver and hockey player. Around RPI he’s known affectionately as “Special Ed.”

About the Reno Psychic Institute:
Our Mission is to create a safe place to be psychic. Your psychic ability will be met with validation and communication.

Many sensitive or psychic people have experienced invalidation in response to sharing their psychic perceptions and information resulting in shutting off their abilities. Reno Psychic Institute (R.P.I.) provides information to train your body to run your psychic or spiritual energy.

Psychic is a Greek word meaning "soul". You as a soul are already psychic; the game is to be able to bring that energy and awareness into your body.

If your body is in pain, boredom or blocked with foreign energy, you as a spirit will not be interested in being in your body. Being in your body as a soul enables you to feel joy and power of life, to learn the lessons you created your body for, and to experience creating for yourself. Empower yourself to begin living your life as a creative piece of art, under the direction of you, the master artist.