Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

Arizona - Tonopah
By:Sun Spiritualist Church & Camp

Sun Spiritualist Church & Camp - Arizona is a Non-Denominational Spiritual Camp. All People are Welcome - Whether You belong to another Church Group / Organization or Not - We invite you to come on out for some Rest & Relaxation, Inspiration, Healing, enjoy the desert & Nature, walk the Labyrinths, Medicine Wheel, spend some time at the Prayer Garden, spend a night/ weekend in the Lodge, go to the Hot Mineral Springs or go to the Farmers Markets nearby or even just let Your Hair down and enjoy time with Like Minded people here at the Camp!

Our Mission at Sun Spiritualist Church Camp is to Unite all of the like-minded peoples and Faiths of the World to Enlighten, bring Awareness, to Educate, provide Healing, bring Growth, Self Development, Peace, Balance, Unity and Harmony together for GOD's Light that is Within US ALL.