Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

Ohio - Cleveland
By:Memorial Spiritual Christian Church

We are a nondenominational Christian church and welcome everyone.

Our church is a memorial to the Collinwood School Fire of 1908, a fire that took the lives of 172 children and 3 adults. The parents of one of the children lost in the fire donated the land for our church. This is the story of how their donation has changed the course of history for many people. Every one of us who worship regularly at Memorial Spiritual Christian Church will tell you how our lives have changed because of what we’ve learned here.

We are Spiritualists knowing that all power comes from God, no matter what name you choose to call your God (or Infinite Intelligence). At Memorial we practice as Spiritual Christians with a Christian format to our Sunday service. As in the Spiritualist tradition we sing hymns to raise the vibration to bring us closer to Spirit. We read from the Judeo-Christian Bible to affirm our belief in God and Jesus. We have a lecture given by members of our church who have a message to share and at Memorial we value each person who comes to our church. We place no judgment on anyone and all are welcome. As Spiritualists we believe that, although the body dies, the spirit of the person lives on and is active in helping us with love and guidance from a higher, invisible level of life.