Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

California - Gardena
By:First United Spiritualist Church

We always begin all of our services with an invocation, invoking the presence of God, the Creator of all things. We ask God to guide us to the Christ Light, and be with us in our Worship Service and in all we do. To help us reflect Christ love, wisdom and strength in our daily lives. Our Sunday is filled music, both congregational songs and music from our choir.

In our service we always join together in a Healing Mediation asking for a healing of ourselves body, mind and spirit, asking also for all who's names are in our Healing Basket, to those who called into the church to asking a Healing Prayer. We also send out prayers for the World, and all of mankind.

For those who desire a short message from one of our mediums or individual healing from our healers, healing and messages are available after the service. We also consider messages and healing a continuation of our religious service and practice.