Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

Maine - Lakewood Village
By:Madison Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association

See Camp Program and series of Workshops.

Originally the summer meeting area of the Kennebec Indians before and during the 1600ís, when written history of the area started. The area was first settled by the Jebediah Hayden family the early 1800ís. One of the Hayden family heirs, William D. Hayden set aside some land for the Madison Spiritualist Association in 1879 at Haydenís Grove on the west side of Haydenís Pond as the lake was then called. Prior to that time, the Spiritualists had been meeting at Richardsonís Woods, but getting to the woods was a hardship in those days. The first two years the meetings were held outdoors until a building was constructed in 1882, which is now the Lakewood Summer Theater. In 1895 William D. Hayden bought the building and a condition of sale guaranteed that the Spiritualists would always have a place to meet on the camp grounds, and as a result we now own and meet in a small chapel on the grounds.

Being surrounded by the good feelings of all of the ancestors, pioneers and people who come to the campgrounds each summer gives the area a strong spiritual attraction and leaves us with a special place to celebrate Spiritualism each summer.

We welcome everyone and invite those of other faiths to investigate the phenomena and teachings of Spiritualism.