Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

Ohio - Ashley
By:White Lily Chapel

Established in 1952, White Lily Chapel is an Independent Spiritualist Church, a Christian Church founded to worship God and to honor our guardian angels.

We have dedicated our chapel to the service of God and Spirit and to the teachings of Jesus, the Christ as contained in the Holy Bible. Our principals are based on the teachings of our Spirit Teacher, White Lily who brought us the truth and knowledge of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man and that life is continuous, therefore removing the fear of death.

White Lily Chapel has 5 ordained ministers and 8 working mediums. They participate in the Sunday and Wednesday services by delivering lectures, conducting healing meditations, laying on of hands, spirit portraits and spirit messages. Private readings are available upon request. Our Pastor is Rev. Cindy Berkshire.

Who is White Lily?
On October 15, 1949 in Ashley, Ohio, a spirit teacher named White Lily spoke directly from the spirit world through the trance mediumship of the Rev. Margaret Fling. White Lily was a native American Indian girl, about 20 years of age when she went into the spirit world and has been in the spirit world for many centuries. She is a highly developed teacher whose chosen purpose was to establish the foundation of the church, White Lily Chapel and followers, through her teachings from the higher realms of spirit.

She is a loving teacher and we would like to share her with you through her lectures. Here, you will find a selection of her lectures that will provide a full understanding of our religious beliefs. In addition, two collections of her teachings, Rays of Light and Rays of Love, have been published for a nominal cost.

Services and Activities:
Our doors are always open to anyone wishing to attend any of our services and/or activities throughout the week:
- Inspirational Study Class
- Full Worship Service
- Weekly Songfest
- Public Dinners
- All Message Service