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Hertfordshire - Letchworth
Center:Letchworth Spiritualist Centre

Services include:
- Sunday Services (see list of mediums at the Sunday services)
- Healing after Sunday Service
- Wednesday Healing by The Healers of All Souls
- Evenings of Clairvoyance
- Newsletter

Affiliated to the Spiritualist National Union.

See interesting History of the Church (excerpts): "When the Spiritualist movement first started in Letchworth the Spiritualists used to meet in different private houses for their services. On the 1st November 1924 spiritualists started to meet at Howard Hall in Leys Avenue Letchworth for their Church Services and it was then that the church was recognised and became a part of the Spiritualst National Union. The 50th Anniversary of this church was celebrated in the afternoon, on the 18th May 1974 [] The big attraction was a demonstration of Healing by Harry Edwards [] There was also an evening Service, attended by Gordon Higginson (President Spiritualists National Union)."