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Devon - Exeter
Center:Exeter Spiritualist Centre & Healing Group

Records show that meetings and services were first held in Exeter in 1885 at Friars Hall. By 1908 when the Exeter Spiritualist Society was established on 10th May of that year, services were being held at Market Hall, Fore Street.

The Exeter Spiritualist Society continued to meet at Market Hall mainly until the blitz of 1942, moving to the Theosophical Hall until January 1945 when they find themselves in York Road, not on the present site but in a Nissan hut further down the road. The reason for this was that, although negotiations had taken place prior to the Second World War to purchase the land and buildings at 10 and 11 York Road, these premises were requisitioned for military use once war broke out. The building was subsequently destroyed in the blitz but the Church members did purchase the land in 1945. Some of the land was subsequently sold off and, eventually, the present day church was built and completed in 1963. Over the last 45 years, this building has seen thousands upon thousands of people attend services, demonstration evenings and workshops. They have also received evidence of survival after physical death through private sittings and the comfort of the healing given through the channels of the Church’s registered healers.

The Church also offers, in addition to its regular services and healing:
- Awareness Circles
- Development Circles
- Opportunity to Progress (Groups)