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Scotland - St Andrews
Center:Spiritual Light Within <spiritman1@hotmail.com>

We are a new spiritual church which opened on the 15th may 2010. We are coming up for our first birthday on the 14th may 2011.

Like all spiritual churches, centres etc, we have different visiting mediums every week. We also have a second half which enables fledglings etc to give out what they have & learn as they go.

Our first circle starts this tuesday 19th April & will run every tuesday evening at 7pm, work permitting.

We are in the Victory Memorial Hall, St Mary's Place, St Andrews, Scotland KY16 9UY. PHONE 07512776601 OR 07778141209 & ASK FOR VIC OR HAZEL.

Everyone is very welcome & if they have any ideas on how to improve things, then we are always open to suggestions.

Victor & Hazel Collins are the founder members of this spiritual church. Victor goes all over Britain doing services at various spiritual churches & has done a few charitable evenings as well. He is always willing to help others if he can. Victor does private readings as well with all donations going to the church costs, etc.

So why dont you pop along on a Saturday evening. We open at 6-15, service starts at 7pm until 8-05pm. We have a break for coffee, tea etc. All we ask is a small donation for tea etc to go in charity box. We charge 3.00 entry which also goes to help the church costs. And charity as well. We have a second half which starts at 8-30 until 9-15 or so. So you are most welcome.

Any queeries or questions ask Vic or Hazel.

Love & Light to you all


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