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Wiltshire - Salisbury
Center:Salisbury Spiritualist Meeting House

Salisbury Spiritualist Meeting House is a progressive Spiritualist Church, registered for worship. It is affiliated to the Spiritualists’ National Union and its purpose is to promote the religion and religious philosophy of Spiritualism. It holds a Divine Service on Sundays which includes a philosophical address and a demonstration of mediumship. The Meeting House is a recently refurbished, light, airy and welcoming building run by an elected Committee on behalf of its members. All are welcome and committee members are on hand at all events to encourage and help the enquirer whatever their needs

Services include:
- Sunday Divine Services
- Spiritual Healing
- Awareness Circle
- Phenomena Circle (closed)
- Development Circle (closed)
- Coffee Morning
- Deep Circle (closed)
- Private Readings
- Lyceum
- Workshops amd Seminars
- Services for naming, marriage and death