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Scotland - Aberdeen
Center:Aberdeen Spiritualist Centre and Healing Sanctuary

Services include:
- Sunday Services (morning and evening)
- Sunday and Wednesday Healing
- Tuesday Awareness Classes
- Evenings of Demonstrations
- Seminars
- Library

About the Scientific Investigation Department (S.I.D.) of the Church:
Paranormal activities are considered by some as mysteries, by others as miracles or magic and as such are labelled “supernatural”. However it is our belief that miracles etc. are only described in this way because we do not yet have the scientific information to explain them. SID is composed of a group of members of our church who are interested in such research.

The aim of the SID is to take the “Para” out of the Paranormal:
- Scientifically study spiritual phenomena through investigation and research
- Identify the conditions in the environment, which are variables in the production of the phenomena
- Research any long term changes in the metabolism of working mediums
- Identify the type/types of energy transferred or used when phenomena are demonstrated