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London - Eltham
Center:Eltham Spiritualist Church

The 'Eltham Spiritualist Church' was formed from a group of Spiritualists who first met around 1920 in rooms above the Co-Operative Society in Well Hall. The group set about raising funds to build their own Church and were advanced money by the Spiritualists National Union.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle donated 5 in 1923 and sent the group a letter wishing them well in their efforts. The foundation stone of the new building was laid on the 4th June 1938 in Well Hall Road, where the Church still stands today.

The Spiritualists National Union becames the trustees so that the Church would always be used for the purpose which its founders intended. From the begining it has always been an SNU Spiritualist Church and there have always been services and events held at the Church.

The Church is thriving and offers a warm welcome to everyone who enters. People of all faiths and religions can come to the Church and enjoy all the events, have Healing and listen to our philosophy.