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West Midlands - Erdington, Birmingham
Center:Association of Spiritualists and Healers ASH

ASH was officially established in April 1989. We are called ASH for short - and we are a friendly, informal Healing Sanctuary and Spiritualist and Healer Training Centre. We like to feel as if all members belong to a happy family in which we are all united in our desire to develop our Spiritual and Psychic gifts. Whether you are interested in Reiki, Spiritual Healing, developing your psychic gifts, improving your talents as a medium, clairvoyance, clairaudience etc., tarot, crystals, we have something for everyone.


- Sunday service with clairvoyance
- Workshops, seminars and discussion groups
- Special psychic events
- Development circles
- Parties and social get togethers
- Spiritual and Reiki healing, Absent/distant Spiritual healing
- Clairvoyance - Afternoons and Evening sessions
- Both the Healing Academy and the Healing Services, provide the opportunity for potential Spiritual Healers to both learn about and practice Spiritual Healing to fulfil the requirements of the current laws regarding certification of Spiritual Healers.

All of the activities at ASH are on a cost effective basis and not with a commercial attitude towards profit or gain.