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Wales - Cardiff
Center:Cardiff SNU Church & Centre <carol1.ellis@tiscali.co.uk>

In December 2016 Cardiff Spiritualist Church and Centre celebrated its 90th year. It was built in 1926 by dedicated Spiritualists who saved their money and mortgaged their homes to purchase land and build their own Church. It is run by a committee of volunteers whose aim is to keep the doors open and continue the work of the pioneers who built the Church.

Weekly activities:
Sundays 11am and 6pm - Divine Service. Mondays 7pm Demonstration of Mediumship. Wednesdays 7pm Spiritual Healing
Thursdays 7pm Open Circle. Regular workshops on different aspects of mediumship and associated subjects are held on Saturdays throughout the year and are found on the Church website and weebly site.

Carol Ellis is the current elected Church President / President of South Wales District Council and is the only SNU Minister in South Wales. She is also an approved tutor with the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall, holds speaking and demonstrating awards of the Spiritualists' National Union and Chairman of the SNU Training & Awards Committee. Anyone interested in training as a spiritual healer or achieving SNU awards is welcome to contact or attend the Church for the necessary information and support. As a physical transfiguration medium she travels to various countries and uses this opportunity to promote the work of the Spirit World and take Spiritualism forward into the future.